Urban Hippie LLC is a Home Decor, Apparel, and Bath Essential company based out of East Haven, Connecticut.

Urban Hippie /’ərbən ˈhipē/ : A modern day hippie, someone who incorporates both urban and hippie lifestyles. They are street smart to survive an urban atmosphere, and they are not afraid to speak their mind using big intelligent sounding words and gangsta lingo as well. An Urban Hippie may be any race or gender.

Our Services/ Products:

  • Affordable one of a kind apparel
  • Create one of a kind apparel for our customers
  • Relaxing Bath Bombs & Mermaid Dust
  • Hand Poured Candles
  • Transform & Upcycle furniture

Back story:

As the owner and chief designer of Urban Hippie, I have worked freelance for over a decade and started my brand, Urban Hippie LLC while I was attending Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. It all started with an assignment, “create something that is unique but reflects you.” After many mock ups throughout my last  trimester at JWU, Urban Hippie was born and T-shirts were getting rocked out by my college graduation.